Specials & Coupons

$99 Drain Clear

We will come out to your residence and clear any single stoppage for $99.00 – this is a $199.00 value – more tha 50% off the regular price. Please remember to mention “$99 Drain Clear Promotion” to recieve this special price.

  • This is a “per stoppage” rate.
  • There is no “House Call” fee on stoppages.
  • This applies only to residential stoppages.
  • Applies to all appointments run during normal business hours 7 AM – 4 PM, 5 Days a week (Yes we can clear that Sunday or Saturday stoppage so you don’t have to miss work)
  • Excludes major holidays
  • Stoppage must be fixable by cabling method. Rate does not include jetting and other advanced methods.
  • Stoppage must be reasonably accessible. We cannot place our plumbers in hazardous positions. Access fees applied. 
  • We do not go through roof vents. This is a very effective way to cause roof leaks but an ineffective way of clearing stoppages. Mains Excluded.
  • Advantages of Properly Installed Clean-Out

    • May prevent flooding inside home
    • Lower “per stoppage” cost
    • Easier to locate the sewer line
    • Makes stoppages accessible to regular-size blades and cables
    • Enables access by Hydro Jet if needed
    • Closer to stoppage with fewer turns, giving cable added strength for better cleaning.
    • No messy drain cables and machines inside your home

    FAQ’s About Stoppages and Roof Vents

    • Does not thoroughly clear blockages
    • Creates the potential for roof leaks
    • Cannot use the right size blade
    • Should never go through a smaller pipe to clear a pipe of larger diameter. This is an excellent way to get the cable stuck in the drain line.
    • Drain vents use non-directional fittings which are different than actual drain lines. Very often this results in trapped cables.
    • The vents are too far from the stoppage. Working through too many turns reduces the strength and effectiveness of the cable.